Next Gen Ultra-high Speed Storage Device

NVM Express (NVMe) is a new and innovative method of accessing storage media and has been capturing the imagination of data center professionals worldwide. The momentum behind NVMe has been increasing since it was introduced in 2011. In fact, NVMe technology is expected to improve along two dimensions over the next couple of years: improvements in latency and the scaling up of the number of NVMe devices in large solutions.

Aupera Technologies is developing the next generation of NVMe Over Fabric flash storage platform. Detail will be announced in August.

NVM Express Over Fabrics

NVM Express over Fabrics defines a common architecture that supports a range of storage networking fabrics for NVMe block storage protocol over a storage networking fabric. This includes enabling a front-side interface into storage systems, scaling out to large numbers of NVMe devices and extending the distance within a datacenter over which NVMe devices and NVMe subsystems can be accessed.