Cloud Video Application

Focusing on the growing and diversified needs of the video cloud service market, Aupera’s products integrate the latest video technologies and innovative architectures to develop optimal solutions for video decoding, transcoding, video on demand, live video streaming, video content distribution and video conferencing. We support ultra-high speed large-scale video data offline transcoding, multi-party video mixing, real-time video transcoding and other related video data applications.

Aupera Advantage

  • Efficient multi-party video mixing (8in1,10in6, more to come)
  • Low latency
  • 10X high speed transcoding
  • Large scale concurrent video streams processing
  • Add/reduce streams dynamic adjustment
  • Bitrate adjustment

Proprietary hardware platform :Aup2000 series video server

Feature Function Advantage
Efficient power consumption
High density computing
Physical space saving
Video transcoding + AI converged architecture
Hot swappable micro-engine
Flexible configuration
VOD transcoding, support up to 4k@60fps input and output 4k@60fps : 48 concurrent streams /chassis
1080p@30fps : 384 concurrent streams/chassis
Live streaming transcoding 1080p@30fps : 384 concurrent streams/chassis, ultra-low latency
Multi-party video mixing 1080p@30fps: 8 parties meeting, 48 concurrent rooms/chassis
ultra-low latency
Video content analytics Converged architecture of Video transcoding + AI content understanding, smooth upgrade from transcoding to video structurization
specific AI application acceleration